Scheduled Preventative (PM) Maintenance Programs
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WCC's expertise insures your building is operating efficiently and in compliance with current regulations. Health & Safety considerations are increasingly important, as is the potential associated liability!

WCC offers:

Chute System "Fire Code" Compliance Inspections &
Recycling System (PM) Preventative Maintenance Programs for Tri (Bi)-Sorter systems. Having issues with others suppliers systems?
We service any make/model and offer cost-effective upgrades!

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Chute System "Fire Code" Compliance Inspections - with annual documentation - available for authorities upon request

Inspection Program includes all key mandatory elements:

Fire Dampers (bottom of chute) - AC "Accordion" & - Hopper Style
Intake Doors - Self Closing & Positively Latching components
Flaps – Top hinged "in-swinging" Baffles (inside chute intake doors)
Fire Rated Access Doors - access to Washdown Head / Sprinklers

A WCC site condition report is provided with the inspection. If repairs are needed our Service Work Order & Invoice completes your records in keeping with (Ont. Fire Code) - O Reg. 213/07 Division B - Section 2.2.

WCC's Scheduled Tri/Bi-Sorter Recycling system PM program Inspections - with annual documentation cost-effectively keeps your system functioning safely & efficiently.

WCC's PM Recycling System Program includes:

Tri-Sorter / Bi-Sorter units & all associated components to insure optimum functionality & safety - including key mandatory elements:

Door System Controls - Floor by Floor Inspection
Control Panel – Contacts; Switches; Lights; (touch screen) PLC Program - Flap Transition Timing (lockout timing – where applicable).
Diverter System - Lubrication; Hydraulic - Cylinders/Hoses; Electrical Switches/Sensors; Flap - Bin Extension Wear & Tear & Safety Covers
Compactor Unit / Containers / Casters.
Staff Interview.

We service all makes / models & offer cost-effective upgrades - insuring optimum system safety & operations!

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