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WILKINSON Chutes pioneered Garbage and & Linen chute system design and innovation in the 1920's. Our fully welded "Sloped Throat Intake" area insures materials immediately drop to the bottom. We provide an industry leading 20 yr. warranty on liners and a wide variety of Fire Rated Doors for the Hospitality / Healthcare; Residential (& I.C.I.) markets.

We have advanced traditional Garbage chutes to achieve Waste Diversion Systems, designed to achieve new standards.


WILKINSON CHUTES CANADA ® - (WCC) is Canada's leading chute supplier. Our chutes are made of 16 ga. "satin coat" or stainless steel.

WCC has created the Tri-Sorter / Bi-sorter Quality Recycling Systems & various other Waste Management chute system options.

We provide expert advice & guidance for new developments & retrofits, stocking a complete line of parts.

Call us - buy quality, installed by experts!


WCC offers basic Disposal chute systems with quality bins and HD casters for smaller buildings.

Large sites use a compactor, minimizing staff operations & keeping collection costs low. Our quality products are designed to suit site conditions. Our quality WCC HD Bin mover makes staff's job safe and easy.

Today in Urban areas Waste Diversion / Recycling requirements are evolving. WCC has the product selection to insure you achieve results! WCC - built to last - lowest maintenance costs guaranteed!


Complimenting WCC's "one stop shop" is our line of specialized products.

We carry: Waste Management Room Specialties; Bike Racks & Mesh Lockers, providing effective use of space and secure storage. We also have Interior: Door Kick Plates; Wall Corner Guards & Hallway Grilles.

We offer many other custom designed items: Exhaust Louvers; Underground Ceiling Drip Pans & Fan Parts, to meet your needs.

For all your specialized metal fabrication needs - just give us a call.


WILKINSON CHUTES CANADA ® is a registered trademark of Geoff and Krista Simms Enterprises Limited
Call us at 416.746.5547 or 1.866.535.0558
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