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The evolution of Garbage Chute systems is now providing "equal convenience" (common Urban Municipal Standard) for Automated Recycling (Waste Diversion). The Chute SYSTEM requires floor to floor 1" conduit and wiring to a "Resident Push Button" integrated control box at each chute intake door.

The "Lockable" Recycling Door is ideal for Multi floor buildings.

We suggest an optional Waste System Door for Townhome projects.

Chute System designs vary, based on Space; Development Requirements & Waste Material Stream collections available, in the geographic area. Contact us to request a Budget Quote to discuss your specific needs

Typically, the single chute Tri-sorter is a common system of choice.

WCC recommends a Quality H.D. Diverter system for Mid or High rise buildings. For a higher end project consider the benefits of the Lock Out feature, available with our Recycling Door. It integrates with our enhanced PLC "Touch Screen" control system

Recently, many taller buildings are opting for a Dual Chute system with a Bi-sorter for Garbage & Organics. We advise one chute be dedicated for Recycling (material "drop time" is unaffected by the "Sorter").

Our process includes: CAD layout design (early on OR as requested); a pre instillation Site Inspection to insure a precise "fit and finish"!

WCC Quality Sorters include H.D. - Compactors; Bins with H.D. casters.


The WCC Disposal Door for Lower Floor or Townhomes provide a suitable 3 TTW Disposal Doors system (c/w extensions into bins)

Some multi floor buildings are using 3 Separate Chute systems, to Achieve Tier 2 City of Toronto Green Development Standards. These require offsets at the bottom

Each project requires an understanding of specific conditions we suggest you
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