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At customer request WCC has worked creatively to be your "One Stop Shop" - offering a comprehensive range of Storage; Waste Management & Custom Metal fabrication specialized products. Reputed for design expertise; manufacturing excellence & site installation quality - we are here to for your unique: Storage; Waste Handling & Metal fabrication specialties, meeting customer needs! To improve workplace safety the WCC Bin Mover is our Industry leading designed product - excellent for reducing strain related injuries.


WCC Bike Racks

We offer a complete line of bicycle rack designs: wall & floor mounted. We maximize space utilization in New Construction projects or at Existing Building Sites. Our durably constructed units provide safe, secure storage with powder coated or galvanized finished units.

WCC Custom Mesh Lockers

We fabricate durable locking mesh wire storage compartments for both new and existing buildings. Design layout & installation are available upon request.


Evolving Waste Diversion initiatives increasingly require proper handling and storage of specialty materials, prior to collection & removal. Some items belong in specialized Fire Rated lockable cabinets "hazardous waste cabinets" for the safe storage of these materials. A protocol for resident disposal and staff collection/storage of materials should be established by management.

WCC also provides various specialized containment products to suit your material storage needs, augmenting your Recycling & Diversion Programs.

  • These include: Totes; Recycling Stations; Depot Drop-Offs (on lower floors); Floor to Floor Chute Room Depots.
  • Finally, WCC offers unique items designed to accommodate the limited space inside each Resident Unit to facilitate successful diversion with IN-SUITE CONTAINER SOLUTIONS

Your Specialty Storage "One Stop Shop" - for all your needs! Contact us


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