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Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® is your partner for quality Chute systems. WCC offers "In-House" System Leases & Full Maintenance Programs with Extended Warrantiesa true "win-win"! We have a wide range of Parts to meet your needs & insure you are operating safely - in compliance!

Be sure you receive good advice and a cost-effective, sustainable system!


A chute system retrofit is an investment for the long term. For Garbage (or Linen) Chute replacements we offer an industry leading 20 Yr. warranty.

Be sure you select the system that best suits your needs. This is the time to consider transformation of a Garbage Chute to a Quality Diverter Recycling System - be selective and get trusted advice!

We guarantee project excellence, with advice from project inception:

  • System Replacement with code compliant, cost-effective components;
  • Waste Diversion process design, to fit your budget and reduce costs;
  • Effective use of space with WCC's expert CAD design layouts;
  • Turn-key or consultation with your Project Management and Trades.

Perform your "due diligence" - understand all various options & cost impacts!


WCC provides the highest quality product selection in the market – competitively priced!

We offer a complete range of components; ask about our ULc Recycling Doors with Integrated Locks & Enhanced PLC system!

We offer a remote alert unit wired to the concierge desk offering 24/7 system control.

Our Resident Instruction Sheets facilitates improved diversion & lower your collection costs.

Insure you get the right product features for the job and benefit from a stress-free experience – contact us for a FREE site assessment.

Insist on a project with a CAD layout for a precise system "fit and finish"!


WILKINSON CHUTES CANADA ® is a registered trademark of Geoff and Krista Simms Enterprises Limited
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