Recycling Tri-Sorter Unit – Corner Position

Recycling Sorter Unit – Corner Position

Low Voltage System is complete with a cU.L. Labeled Master Control Panel with an “INDICATOR SCREEN” and wired to cU.L. Specifications having a PLC programmable unit. Housing is 4.7mm (3/16”); Safety Mechanical cover is 20ga. enclosing hydraulic hoses/lines/cylinders/sensors & Pivot Arm DIVERTER FLAP Constructed of 38mm (1 ½”) c/w 5 Reinforcing Ribs c/w sound dampening material; Impact area protected with 12.7mm (½”) Teflon plate and pivoting on a 50mm (2”) SOLID PIVOT SHAFT Hydraulic 2 H.P. electrical motor, 575-3PH (or 208) V, 1250 P.S.I.; ½ GPM; 15 gallon hydraulic tank.

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